Monday, March 23, 2009

The enigmatic Metallosia

True, there is a lot of stuff on the web, but this is not remotely enough. Take, for example, Metallosia. The very short Wikipedia entry says:
Metallosia is a genus of moth in the family Arctiidae.
According to this taxonomy page,
There are approximately 3 species in this genus: M. chrysotis · M. nidens · M. nitens
(I wonder what “approximately 3 species” could possibly mean. Could it be that M. nidens and M. nitens is actually one species plus one typo? Can one say that 2 is approximately 3?) I also can find Metallosia mentioned in the Natural History Museum catalogue but not much factual information either. On the other hand, it is not listed in the NCBI taxonomy database, which indicates that no sequence data from these moths are available (and which makes it non-existent for bioinformatics). Internet, I am disappointed. Where can I see Metallosia? How can I recognise it if I see it? And most importantly, does it have anything to do with metals?

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