Thursday, December 21, 2017

Elemental haiku

My, the year is almost gone and I, busy with other stuff, didn’t publish a single post. Luckily, I came across Elemental haiku — a periodic table of haikus, one per element, plus one for a hypothetical element 119. Here are my favourites.

2. Helium

Begin universe.
Wait three minutes to enter.
Stay cool. Don’t react.

11. Sodium

Racing to trigger
every kiss, every kind act;
behind every thought.

13. Aluminum/Aluminium

Spent kindergarten
endlessly writing your name.
One i or two i’s?

26. Iron

Anvil, axe, nail, plow,
engine, railway, factory.
Servant, friend, partner.

30. Zinc

Clasp your neighbor tight.
Sound the music while you dance,
trumpet, bugle, horn.

39. Yttrium

That is not a name.
That is a spelling error.
Or a Scrabble bluff.

67. Holmium

The root of the name
elementary, my dear.
Stockholm, not Sherlock.

80. Mercury

Madness the price paid
for your molten alchemy.
Metal. Planet. God.
You can contribute your own on Twitter with hashtag #ChemHaiku.

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