Saturday, August 31, 2013

Metallomics and the Cell

This volume, edited by Lucia Banci, is probably the first real book on metallomics. The table of contents looks very promising, and judging from those bits that I am able to access, I’d love to say that is is a great book... But honestly I can’t. The days when I could persuade the library to purchase (for me) a book, however expensive, are long gone. At the Springer website, eBook is priced at €142.79 and hardcover costs €181.85. You can buy them slightly cheaper from Amazon ($175.82 and $227.05, respectively.)

The book is dedicated to Ivano Bertini, who sadly passed away last year. I was lucky enough to meet the man himself on a few occasions. Ivano was a formidable scientist and one of the most colourful figures of bioinorganic chemistry and structural biology.

Metallomics and the Cell
Metal Ions in Life Sciences, vol. 12
Lucia Banci, Editor
  1. Banci, L. and Bertini, I. Metallomics and the cell: some definitions and general comments, pp. 1—13.
  2. Penner-Hahn, J.E. Technologies for detecting metals in single cells, pp. 15—40.
  3. Clausen, M.J.V. and Poulsen, H. Sodium/potassium homeostasis in the cell, pp. 41—67.
  4. Romani, A.M.P. Magnesium homeostasis in mammalian cells, pp. 69—118.
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  14. Maret, W. Zinc and the zinc proteome, pp. 479—501.
  15. Mendel, R.R. Metabolism of molybdenum, pp. 503—528.
  16. Gladyshev, V.N. and Zhang, Y. Comparative genomics analysis of the metallomes, pp. 529—580.

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